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Some women are still confused mix and match work clothes to stay stylish when to the office. For those of you who want to look trendy to the office, here are eight tips to look stylish with work clothes

1. Color

Color is a great way to show your fashion taste. Try to blend white tops with navy blue vest, or black pants. Add some accessories that have different colors like necklace statement.

2. Details

Look for trousers or shirts that have detail to look stylish when to work. Using black skirt embroidery detail or can make appearance look different.

3. High Heels

To get a stylish appearance, high heels are important for women. Not only makes you more confident, high heels also help the posture look higher.

4. Bag

According to Kate, the selection of the right bag can improve the appearance. Choose a bag with a trendy leather material from time to time such as Prada, Chloe, Celine, or Chanel that gives the classic look but makes it look more elegant.

5. Accessory

Accessories can change the look of a person. Blending a simple shirt and a large necklace with strong colors can impress a stylish professional woman.

6. Blazer or Outer

Every woman should have a blazer or other outer to the office. You can also apply an outer like a jacket to work at night. Choose a neutral black color then do not forget to wear red lipstick to beautify the appearance.

7. Dress

Although rarely using it, women need to have some formal dress to go to the office. Choose an a-line cut dress with the waist section smaller and widen after the hip.

8. Note Body Shape

It does not matter if it's a bit of showing off body shape when going to the office. For example, you have a slender waist, wear belt on the belly to enhance your appearance. If you have legs, use long pants to show your posture.

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